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Liftland is a country in between North and South America, and Europe, and it is in the Northern Hemisphere. Liftland is a big country. Melvin State is located in Melvin Island and the island is the location for the capital city of Liftland. There are forty states in Liftland.

From 1901 to 1919, Liftland was known as "United States of Liftland". The country's present name is a simplification of the old full name. From 1876 to 1879, Liftland was known as "The Great Lyfland". From 1663 to 1836, most of Liftland was a British colony (although the present-day state of Carina was an American colony, the present-day state of Lindelle was a Swedish colony and the present-day states of Millden, Christiana and Willowden were part of the Kingdom of Denmark). Liftland implemented a "European and American Liftland" policy, therefore banning Africans or Asians from immigrating in Liftland. The policy continued until 1978. Liftland adopts twelve celebrations from the USA and Sweden, as well as the Chinese New Year. English is the official language of Liftland, however, Swedish and Danish were also spoken by some in states that were previously Swedish and Danish colonies. Liftland's English is a mix of vocabulary found in British and US English.

Liftland has a school system, but events celebrated in school and grades were particularly different.

  • Liftland has no single World Book Day/Literacy Day/Book Week equivalent. Equivalents and book parades differ by the state of Liftland, but the state of Melvin lacks this.
  • In the state of Melvin, book character parades in schools are part of the "Last Day" celebration held in May (and therefore ends the school year). Fancy dress parties, carnivals in schools and formal dress boat rides in the state of Melvin are also part of it.
  • On the first day of school in the state of Carina, the first day of the school year is in September, and for primary schools, a big celebration is held.
  • Christmas holidays run from late November to early January.

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